Time in Tanta

Al Gharbīyah, Egypt
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Noon, UTC+2 (GMT+2, EET)
Saturday, 20 april 2024, week 16

27 October 2023, 00:00 — DST ended in Tanta. Сlocks were turned backward 1 hour.

26 April 2024, 00:00 — DST starts in Tanta. Сlocks will be turned forward 1 hour.

  • The IANA time zone identifier: Africa/Cairo
  • Sunrise: 05:21 / Sunset: 18:28
  • Day length: 13h 07m
  • Solar noon: 11:54

Current local date and time with seconds in Tanta (Al Gharbīyah, Egypt). Check the time in Tanta or time difference between Tanta and other cities. Time zone in Tanta is UTC+2 (GMT+2). Tanta online clock.

Tanta time difference

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