Time in Eslamshahr

Tehrān, Iran
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Night, UTC+3:30 (GMT+3:30)
Thursday, 28 september 2023, week 39

22 September 2022, 00:00 — DST ended in Eslamshahr. Сlocks were turned backward 1 hour.

  • The IANA time zone identifier: Asia/Tehran
  • Sunrise: 05:56 / Sunset: 17:55
  • Day length: 11h 59m
  • Solar noon: 11:55

Current local date and time with seconds in Eslamshahr (Tehrān, Iran). Check the time in Eslamshahr or time difference between Eslamshahr and other cities. Time zone in Eslamshahr is UTC+3:30 (GMT+3:30). Eslamshahr online clock.

Eslamshahr time difference

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