What is PST time? PST time versus UTC and GMT

PST — Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8), which is used to determine the time zone and local time on the Pacific coast of the United States, Mexico and Canada.

PST UTC-8 is used in California, Oregon, northern Idaho, Nevada, and in Washington, United States of America; Yukon Territory, British Columbia, Tungsten city and Western Territories in Canada (Only one Canadian territory is entirely in the Pacific Time Zone — Yukon); Baja California State in Mexico.

PST Time

PST time is 8 hours behyaind GMT and UTC. It is used as a winter time — from early November to mid-March. Summertime is referred to as PDT, Pacific Daylight Time (UTC-7). The largest city in the PST time zone is Los Angeles. Pacific Standard is 11 hours behind of Moscow Standard Time.