Winter time in Russia in 2020 — when do we need to change our clocks?

Not long ago Russia was changing clocks with the change of seasons: from winter to summer time and vice versa. In 2011 they cancelled time conversion 2 times a year. First, daylight saving time was set in all regions. In 2014, the country switched to winter time. After that the change of the seasons stopped, so did the movement of the hands on the watch.

Medical professionals were sure that such a sudden clock change in March and October lead to depressive disorders. This was detrimental to the physical and psychological health of people. It was one of the main reasons why people in Russia stopped to change clocks during winter.

Despite this, deputies sometimes come up with initiatives to switch to winter and summer time.

Winter time

Transition to winter time in 2020

As for 2020, there were no changes concerning this issue in the legislation of the Russian Federation. Russians will not have to do winter or summer time transition. Although some people are sure that this reduces daylight hours, it is becoming harde to wake up in the morning as it takes more for the daylight to appear.

Experts are confident that life in accordance with winter time does not violate human biorhythms. It also reduces the risk of exacerbation of chronic diseases and prevents depressed states.