Synchronizing the precise time via TimeServer

Time is the main human resource, therefore it must be treated with special care. It's for a reason that there is a saying «punctuality is the politeness of kings».

In order to wrist watches, smart phones, computers and any other devices have the precise up to the millisecond time, it is recommended to synchronize them with the help of TimeServer, the precise time website. Our server runs without stops and breaks to be able to provide information on the precise time anywhere in the world at any moment.

Why is time synchronization important?

  • Automatic time change when daylight saving. On numerous occasions there were cases when people were late for or came to work earlier, because they forgot to set watch forward or back.
  • The precise time is the main feature of punctual people. If you not like to be late and make someone wait for you, then, first, set the precise time.
  • The procedure is completely automatic and does not require user participation.

In addition to a simple and convenient website, we offer everyone interested a free server for synchronizing the precise time. With our databases and technologies, you can configure an automatic time synchronization on computers and laptops operating on Windows or Linux (Ubuntu), as well as smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets on Android and iOS. Thus, when connected to the Internet, the time on any of the devices will automatically be adjusted with precision up to the second.