Summer time in Russia in 2020 — when do we need to change our clocks?

In 1874 was invented Daylight Saving Time technology (DST) - people changed clock in order to extend daylight hours. Advocates of DST say it helps to reduce energy costs as the transition to summer time will allow rational use of daylight hours.

But there are also opponents of DST -they are sure that the transition from summer to winter time and vice versa violates human biorhythms and has detrimental effect on human health. Sleep therapists believe that a “clock disruption” leads to an exacerbation of chronic diseases. This disrupts the sleep pattern, dulls the concentration of attention, reduces mental activity and leads to an increase in the number of car accidents on the roads.

Летнее время

Daylight saving time in Russia in 2020

Many European countries still change clocks from the winter to summer time. This was once common practice for Russia as well. For several years now, Russian people live according to the natural “winter” time.

Some time ago there was the survey conducted in Russia. The question was -"Do you want to change clocks as people did 10 years ago?". The results showed that 66% were against any changes and the current situation suited them quite well. The Government of the Russian Federation is on the same page with people.

Although, several State Duma deputies took the initiative to move the change clocks in some regions of Russia: In Siberia and the Far East. The initiative was rejected - this means that in 2020 Russia will not switch to daylight saving time.